Pet Memorial

Choosing A Great Pet Memorial To Honor Your Furry Friend

Bidding goodbye is always difficult. Losing a pet can be extremely painful. The grief you experience is no less than what you feel when you lose a family member. Getting a memorial for your furry friend is a great way to honor them and keep their memories alive.  Pet memorial will help with the grieving process and always remind you of your furry pal.  

Choosing a pet memorial should not be a daunting task. There is a wide variety of choices available and all you need to do is carefully evaluate all options and see which one appeals to you the most and best commemorates your furry friend.  

Memorial stones for pets 

A pet memorial is a headstone, plaque, or any other type of marker that commemorates and honors your pet. The memorial stones can be installed in your home, garden, or somewhere you will be able to see the stone easily and often. You can also place the pet memorial stone in a pet cemetery in case you decide to bury your furry friend.  

Different materials used in making pet memorial stones 

You have ample choice when it comes to choosing material for your pet memorial stone. You can make a choice based on where you wish to place the memorial stone, what kind of inscriptions or pictures you want on it, your budget, and of course your personal preferences.  

Some of the common materials used for making pet memorial stones include marble and granite. Marble is a soft stone with very elegant white color tones. It is also a very durable stone. Granite is particularly known for its strength and durability and is the perfect choice for outdoor memorial stones.  

There are other material options available as well. Bronze is another material that makes a good choice for a memorial stone. Bronze plaques are quite popular and can be attached to other memorials. Unlike many other metals, bronze can withstand the outdoor elements quite well.  

Personalizing a pet memorial stone 

You can have your pet’s memorial stone completely personalized. This way, you can create something unique in your pet’s memory, something that reflects what the pet meant to you. It should also aptly describe the pet and your feelings for him.  

Once you have selected the material for your pet’s memorial stone, you should think of all the things you want to go on it. Some of the common things you may want on the pet memorial stone are the name of the pet, date of birth, date of passing, symbols, sentiments, and pictures. Depending on where you are going to place the memorial stone, you can choose a garden-inspired, Victorian-themed, or modern design. You can have inscriptions or carvings on the memorial stone as per your liking.  

It is a great idea to have your pet portraits or photographs on the memorial stone. It will help you visually remember your beloved pet for years to come. The photograph can be engraved on the stone and it will immortalize your pet and even your future generations would be able to know the kind of bond the pet shared with your family. You can also feature a quote, poem, or saying on the memorial stone. 

Looking for the perfect pet memorial stone for your departed furry friend? Get in touch with us to create a customized and unique memorial stone that will not only commemorate your pet’s memory but will also last decades.