Helpful Tips

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Do not put a candle on your memorial unless it is first placed in a holder
or container. A stain from the wax is very difficult to remove. We suggest
using only approved containers for remembrance candles.

Mylar balloons should be kept away from your memorial. If the balloon
touches and stays in contact with your memorial, the sun may heat up the
cellophane which can transfer an impression onto your stone. This stain is
hard to remove.

Do not use any acid or harsh cleaners on your memorial. These products may dull the polish and shine of your stone.

If you put a wreath on your memorial, use string to hang it. Wire may rust and leave a stain on the memorial.

Be aware that lipstick will leave an oil stain on the stone. Please refrain from kissing your memorial with lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss on your lips.

If you have flower vases on your memorial, remove the vase liners in the winter time. If water freezes in the liners it will cause them to crack and possibly get stuck in the vase itself.

It is our recommendation that you clean your memorial at least once a year with a mild dish detergent and a soft bristle brush, thoroughly rinsing the stone upon completion. Make sure the water you use does not have any rust in it. If it does, the water may stain your memorial.

In general, be careful what you place on your memorial. Keep in mind that granite is naturally porous. Do not place anything on your memorial that could freeze or melt. Those processes could result in a stain on your stone.