Headstone Inscriptions

Simple Tips For Choosing Headstone Inscriptions

Headstones are permanent and expensive, so want to get it right. The headstone should be such that it reflects who the deceased was and honors their memory. Once you have chosen the material and style, the next biggest and most challenging part is to choose the right headstone inscriptions or engravings . It could be just a short saying, a lengthy description of the departed soul’s life, or anything in between.  

When choosing headstone inscriptions for your loved one, you should take into account several factors. Remember, these inscriptions are meant to reflect and celebrate the legacy of someone who has passed away. It can be quite a challenge to capture the personality and essence of someone’s life in a few words. Keep these simple things in mind when choosing inscriptions for your loved one’s headstone: 

Keep it simple yet unique 

The headstone should celebrate the uniqueness of the departed soul and reflect their individuality. While it is much easier to pick up a few lines or quotes from a Google search but this won’t truly reflect the personality of the departed soul. So, it is better to think of a unique phrase or piece of poetry that describes the individual and their life aptly. Also, it is important not to get too carried away and make the inscriptions too wordy. Keep it short, simple, and impactful. It will take some effort, but it will be worth it.  

Avoid using phrases that are too common 

Most inscriptions on headstones start with “in loving memory of”. Technically, there is nothing wrong with using it, but it has been overused and has been the standard beginning of headstones for centuries. You may add your unique touch to it and use some unique and fresh words. “Always alive in our hearts”, “Remembered with love”, or something similar. 

Use timeless designs 

Don’t be tempted to follow trends or use styles and letterforms that are currently popular. It is best to use timeless designs that don’t lose their appeal even after decades. There are many options available and you should choose the letterform that appeals to you the most and is timeless. 

Humor is not a good idea for headstone inscriptions

No matter how much the deceased person loved the humor, it is not a good idea to use humor on a headstone. What you may find humorous may sound offensive to someone else. Also, what may seem witty or humorous today, may not seem as humorous a few years later. So, it is best to avoid humor and stick to something more classic and timeless. 

Take your time to choose the right headstone inscriptions

Don’t be in a rush to get the headstone inscription ready. Have someone oversee the whole process and take your time deciding on all the details. Think over all the details carefully-the style, wording, and font. Make sure you proofread and spellcheck everything before you send it to the memorial maker. We have seen people getting the birth and death dates wrong in a hurry. So, don’t be in a rush.  

In short, choose a headstone inscriptions that have an impact on everyone who reads it. It should reflect the personality and summarize the life of the deceased in just a few words. Keep it unique and simple.  

If you are looking for a reputed company to make a headstone for your departed loved one,get in touch with our team. Whether or not you know what you want the headstone inscriptions to be, we will be able to offer you some sound advice. With our years of experience, we can help create a classy, unique, and meaningful headstone inscriptions for a loved one.