Ordering a Headstone

What You Need to Know Before Ordering a Headstone

Hopefully, most people never have much need of ordering a headstone.  In what is often a very stressful and difficult time; having the responsibility of creating a fitting tribute that stands the test of time can be not only a challenge, but confusing too.  Buying a headstone is not like going to the store, picking up something and taking it home, there’s various terminology, protocols and even cemetery rules to follow which you may need to get your head around.

Below are some of the things that you should know before ordering headstone.


Who will you order headstone from?

The first and most important thing to know before buying a headstone is the company you will buy from. Even though tons of headstone manufacturers are out there, you need to find one that is right for you.  One that will listen to your ideas, concerns and work with you, the way you expect throughout the process. It would be best if you first did your research before coming up with an informed decision of the manufacturer with guaranteed quality. Inquire about their products’ longevity, where they source them from, their process, and ask to see samples of their past work.


Every cemetery has its own rules and regulations.

For a long time, rules and regulations have been part of many places and institutions, and the cemetery is no different. These rules are tailored in a way that they do not inconvenience anyone while at the same time govern how things are run in the cemetery. Bearing this in mind, you need to obtain a copy of these rules and regulations as it will guide you on the dos and the don’ts of the cemetery.

In fact, if you fail to follow the rules, the cemetery has the right and authority to stop the headstone delivery from happening.
The good thing about this is that the cemetery is required by law to provide these rules for you. Therefore, even if they didn’t give them to you when you purchased a graveyard, you can still ask for them. Thus it is important to keep the copy of the rules in order to make the process of ordering a headstone easier in case of sudden urgencies.


Know the different types before ordering a headstone.

Headstones give you several ways to commemorate the memory of your loved one. With several types to choose from, it is just a matter of exploiting your options and coming up with the most suitable one for you.

Some of the headstone types include:

  • Flat headstones. Just as the name suggests, flat headstones have a base that seats parallel to the ground, with the stone being raised a few inches from the ground. They are simple, straightforward, and economical.
  • Raised headstones. These are the ones that appear raised from the ground and can be noticed from afar. They offer a more conspicuous and prominent option. There are two types of raised headstones, the bevels and the slants. For the inclinations, the headstone is thicker and flat. The slants, on the other hand, are taller and slanted.

The type of headstone you choose is heavily dependent on several factors. For example, since it is all about commemorating the deceased in the best way possible, you can consider their personality before deciding on it. You can also look into the cost and level of simplicity that you are aiming for.


Headstones are made of different materials.

Whether a bevel, slanted, or slant headstone, all of them are made of different materials, which is a very important factor to consider.  The material you choose will govern what colors you can choose from, what sort of aftercare and cleaning is required, how long the headstone will last and how durable it will be.

The most common materials used to make headstones include granite, marble and bronze.

It is just a matter of considering the grave’s environment and considering the one that fits it the most.  Typically most cemetery headstones are made from granite as it is the most durable, and one of the most convenient to work with.


Is there any paperwork that needs to be filled out before the marker’s delivery?

As mentioned earlier, different cemeteries have different ways of doing things. Some will require you to dill in some forms before the headstone is delivered on the grave of your loved one, and some will not. Therefore, it is up to you to enquire with the cemetery whether there are any essential processes before or can you go ahead and have the headstone delivered. Some of this paperwork includes authorization forms, photo release forms, concrete border release forms, and many others. It is worth noting that if the cemetery requires you to fill the papers, they will not accept the delivery if you fail to do so.


Your beloved one deserves to be commemorated in the best way possible, and this can be pressurizing and disabling.  But armed with the right knowledge, and help from a good personalized headstone company, you should be able to find the process of ordering a headstone, smoother, less stressful and a little easier to manage.

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