Flat Cemetery Marker

Guide To Designing A Flat Cemetery Marker

When our loved ones pass on and are to be laid to rest, we get faced with the immense task of how to mark the gravesite. A flat cemetery marker is a popular way to honor the legacy you’re loved who passed away. Getting a flat cemetery marker that will stand the test of time can be an overwhelming task. Here are some tips on how to design a flat cemetery marker:


Cemetery Requirements

Generally, different cemeteries have different rules on what style of markers they will allow on their grounds.  Most like to have a consistent style, and may for instance only allow granite stone markers, or granite and bronze, granite and marble. Your cemetery may only allow the person’s name, date of birth, and death, and a short quote. If this happens to be the case, you can forgo any graphic design on the cemetery marker.


The amount of money you are willing to spend will determine the size and type of the cemetery marker. Factors such as material, finishing, artwork, and size will determine the design.  Costs of cemetery markers can vary significantly depending on factors including the stone type, methods used, color, custom design etc..  it can be difficult to get a ballpark figure, the best thing to do is find a company local to you and sit down for a consultation to discuss your options.


Flat Cemetery Marker are Perfect to Display Words For Your Beloved

Wording for a cemetery marker is vital and one of the essential elements when designing one.  Many people include words and phrases that are meaningful to the individual, there are 100s of examples of inscriptions and quotes you can use online; some biblical, some military-related, and some more general.  There’s plenty of help out there if you are stuck for inspiration.  The inscription should be meaningful, short, and precise if one happens to run out of ideas of what to write on the marker. You can also find inspiration from scriptures, local funeral homes, and the internet. Flat cemetery markers are perfect to display the words you chose for your beloved ones nicely.


Choose An Experienced Designer

Our loved ones deserve the best, especially at their final resting place. Finding a well-experienced designer is vital when making a cemetery marker. The expert will provide you with recommendations that will help memorialize the person. They can come up with ideas to meet your personalized needs.


Selection Of Artwork And Illustration

There is a wide variety of artwork to use on a cemetery marker. The designer or artist you work with can provide you with a vast sample to choose from. The designs one settles for should memorialize and honor the person. They will also vary depending on the size of the cemetery marker. People mostly go for popular images like birds, angels, and praying hands.  Specialist techniques can also allow a photo to be faithfully recreated onto the stone, allowing special memories to be memorialized for generations.


The Deceased Preference

When designing a cemetery marker, you should have in mind that it should honor the person. You can have the design made according to what the person loved or their personality. The deceased may have left a will or information of how they want the cemetery marker designed. This will help make a perfect design of a cemetery marker for the person.

Cemetery markers bring back memories and show the many phases of your loved ones’ lives. It should just show that and make it in a way that stands the test of time and creates a lasting tribute for your loved one.


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