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Spring – The best time for a new headstone?

Did you know that headstone businesses are usually seasonal? While they might still take orders, plan and carve out designs in the colder months, the vast majority of installations take place in the spring. This is particularly true in Connecticut where we get cold, wet and icy winters.

Attempting to install a headstone in the winter can be tricky due to tough, frozen soil or conversely, soggy soil; this makes pouring and setting the foundations impractical.

In spring the ground is firmer and more optimum for installing or replacing a memorial.  In spring the headstone can also be presented beautifully with fresh spring flowers, providing a fitting tribute for your loved one.


You don’t need to wait until spring to arrive to get started though.  Springtime is a busy time for memorial makers; ordering a headstone before spring arrives puts you ahead of the rush and ensures the memorial is installed in a timely manner when the conditions are best.

Starting early gives you plenty of time to plan a memorial that involves all family members and ensures a design that people will cherish for many years and decades to come.

Sometimes you can save money by ordering in winter and before the end of January.  Either through promotional pricing or by avoiding price rises in line with inflation.

Installing in spring also reduces the need for an early clean for lighter colored headstones.  This way the memorial can act as a fitting tribute for many more months before it needs its post-winter clean.

If you are thinking about a headstone in Connecticut, speak to Buzzi Memorials to discuss your options.  Take the time to carefully consider what’s important to you and get the design right by starting early.