Restoring and Enhancing Tired Memorials

Despite the strength and durability of stone such as granite, most headstones can wear, deteriorate and even become damaged over the years.  Often a headstone is the only physical reminder of loved family members who have passed away.  There is hope however thanks to experienced monument craftsmen who can faithfully restore headstones to their original appeal.


Restoring faded lettering

The betters and inscriptions are often of greatest concern to family members.  When these are worn it can make it difficult to identify the name which can be particularly upsetting.  In a lot of cases this sort of deterioration can be recovered with a good, professional clean.  It is important to take care however as the wrong cleaning products cause further deterioration.


Lifting a sunken headstone

It is not uncommon for headstones to sink to the ground, though this is a very slow and gradual process which can take many years.   The conditions of the surrounding soil makes a difference here, as does the original height of the headstone. When headstones sink important features such as the lettering and inscriptions can become obscured from view.

The resolution is to raise the headstone on top of a base/foundation to prevent further slipping.  Bases can be carved into different shapes and designs to add further enhancement to the appeal of the headstone.


Cracked/damaged headstone

Headstones are very sturdy, and they don’t damage easily.  Cracks and chips happen, either from fallen trees, accidents with vehicles or ice.  Damaged headstones can be restored to their original beauty, or close with repairs using granite and synthetic granite known as epoxy granite.  It is possible to repair damaged sections of your headstone without leaving behind any visible lines or cracks.  Repairing damaged headstones with filler granite can be a lot cheaper than a full replacement and maintains the sentimental value of the original headstone.