What Makes Granite The Most Popular Material For Memorials?

Over 90% of all headstones are made of granite. It is a material of choice for memorial monuments due to its durability, strength, and timeless elegance.  

Granite is believed to have been formed over 300 million years ago, which makes it the oldest igneous rock in the world. Igneous rocks are formed from cooling lava. It is also a plutonic rock, which means it forms deep under the earth.  

It is available in a wide variety of naturally occurring colors and grains. This makes it the perfect stone for commemorating a loved one’s life and memories.

Granite For Headstones:

There are several other reasons why granite is a material of choice for headstones. Let’s discuss it!

Timeless appeal 

Granite is a mineral composite, which means it naturally contains a variety of colors and grains.  It is a versatile stone and may contain patches of blue, green, grey, or gold, depending on the type of minerals present in it. No two granite stones are identical, allowing you to create a truly unique headstone for your loved one.

You have a wide variety of colors to choose from, and each color exhibits different streaks and flecks. Granite is available in colors ranging from grays to black, orange, blue, green, orange, and pink. Granite can be polished to create a glossy sheen or honed to a matt finish. Polishing the granite also creates a layer of protection, giving it a better ability to withstand the elements.   


Granite has a tight crystalline structure, which makes it a very hard stone. This means it can withstand harsh elements such as a tornado without getting damaged. If a tree branch or another piece of large debris falls on it, it will not break into pieces.  


It is a durable stone that can last for hundreds of years. It has the strength to withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures without losing its beauty. Compared to most other natural stones, granite is better resistant to scratching, chipping, and breaking. It will look the same even after decades of exposure to elements. The carved epitaphs remain intact for many generations to come. There is no natural discoloration, and it does not deteriorate due to seasonal changes.  

Easy maintenance 

Granite can look as good as new after decades with minimal maintenance. You don’t need to spend a lot of time, money, and effort on maintenance. You can easily clean and restore the beauty of a headstone by using a mild solution of water and a cleansing agent, and a clean cloth. This can help get rid of hard water stains and moss growth. 


If you want to personalize your loved one’s headstone, granite offers a great canvas to use your creativity. It is a great material for etching, carving, and engraving. So, regardless of the shape and design you have chosen for your loved one’s memorial, it is a great material to execute your design ideas.  


Granite is an elegant and incredibly durable stone, but it is relatively low-cost compared to many other natural stones. It is found very commonly across the world, do it is not as expensive as other difficult-to-find stones. Also, you do not need to spend much on the maintenance of granite memorials, which adds to their cost-effectiveness.  

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