Choosing the Right Headstone Shape

Settling on the right design for your loved one’s headstone can be overwhelming at times.  Understandably you want a fitting tribute that can stand the test of time, a memorial that can faithfully honor your loved one as an individual, accurately representing their unique style, beliefs and contributions.

Over the years many styles of headstone and come and gone, some traditional shapes have grown in prevalence during times of significant religious sanctity and have been in use for many hundreds of years.  In more recent times modern styles have emerged and today there are many dozens of shapes and sizes you can request from a personalized headstone company.  This creates a great amount of choice, which although good, can also be overwhelming.     Often you’ll be limited by the restrictions of your local cemetery which might allow styles from a limited range.

Knowing your options can be a bit confusing, often headstones in your local cemetery may look the same, but with slight variances – and though subtle many people quite rightly want to take the time to ensure that every detail is just right.  So how do you know what style to ask for?  The first step is to talk with your local headstone supply company to discuss what you’re looking to achieve, and your options.

Headstone companies generally work with a general stock of several popular shapes and sizes, though with a combination of traditional and modern techniques almost and shape can be imagined. A factor that may play an important role in your decision making is the availability and wait time for delivery.  Stock shapes have a much quicker time from design to completion whereas less common styles may take longer to supply or carve from scratch.

For most people one of the following headstone shapes provides a good basis to start personalizing their loved one’s headstone.  These styles have been tried and tested and are found in cemeteries across the country. You can’t really go wrong with them.

Graphic credit goes to our friends at R. H. Snow Memorial Works in Norwich CT

So now you know some headstone shapes you can ask your custom memorial maker about.