How Long Does a Headstone or Memorial Take to Make?

A common question people have before ordering a personalized headstone or memorial from us is how long will it take to complete the work?

There is no one answer, because there are so many variables that can influence the time it takes, so how long it takes for someone else to see their completed memorial may be completely different to you.    That’s why we don’t like to quote specific times.

Some of the factors that can influence the length of time you wait include:

Chosen design – The design you choose usually has the biggest influence on how long it will take to produce.  If you have specific design requests that require particular detail then this will envenitably take longer than a memorial that does not have much intricate design.

Stone and color choice – Depending on what type of stone you select and the color you may need to wait longer for it to be sourced.

Size and shape – Headstones and memorials come in all manner of shapes and sizes, from flat and flush markers to upright hearts, crosses and even benches.  Some customers choose to have unique, custom shapes crafted which can require more time and money to produce.

Processing payments – Before you are delivered the final product you will need to have your payments and approvals sorted.  You may need to set up a payment plan, and/or receive approals from family members, the cemetery and other parties.


What can I do to speed the process up?

Get the necessary approvals sorted

You can speed up the process by getting the approvals sorted ahead of time.

Choose a material that’s in stock

Instead of opting for a material that the memorial company does not currently have, you can instead choose one from their existing stock so that they can get working on your specific design and inscriptions right away. Otherwise you may have to wait until the stone becomes available.


We may be able to give you ball-park timeframe depending on our current supplies and a description of the level of personaliation you would like.  For further information about designing a custom memorial in Westerly or New London, CT call Buzzi Memorials: 860-599-5909