Memorial Benches

Memorial benches are the perfect way to memorialize a loved one who has passed away.

Craft a truly personal, special memorial bench with local stone craftsmen Buzzi Memorials. Choose from popular stones including Barre granite, marble and bronze in a choice of unique colors. Then personalize with meaningful lettering, inscriptions and unique designs.

Memorial Benches are a symbol of a person’s life and spirit

Memorial benches can be used to honor any person who has made an impact on others. Perhaps that person has done something for their local community, an organization or a group of people. A bench is a special way to allow people to reflect and memorialize that individual in a lasting and fitting way.

An experienced hand to commission your bench

Buzzi Memorials have been commissioning custom stone memorials in Pawcatuck (close to Westerly) since the 1930s. With generations of experience, the experienced craftsmen at Buzzi Memorials can help you to design and craft a truly special and fitting tribute. You may wish to include a photograph of the person, or their achievement(s), include personal inscriptions or artwork. Techniques honed over many decades and modern technology make it possible to carve and etch even the most intricate of designs onto a memorial bench.

Stone benches are carefully crafted using traditional and modern methods for a long-lasting tribute that looks perfect and respectable in any location.

Whether you’re unsure about the type of stone to choose, the color or inscriptions, Buzzi Memorials offer a caring hand with years of reputable experience to answer all your questions.

Delivery to Westerly RI and Surrounding Areas

Looking for a memorial bench for a special spot in a park, a coastal walk or somewhere closer to home like your back yard?

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