Headstone Cleaning

Keep your headstones and memorials looking their best with professional headstone cleaning for Westerly RI, and surrounding towns.

Is your headstone looking dirty and tired? Is the lettering hard to read or has the gravestone even taken on a green hue? Buzzi Memorials offers headstone cleaning services for Pawcatuck, Westerly CT and surrounding areas in New Haven County CT and Rhode Island.
We always take great care to ensure that your headstone is cleaned safely and effectively, as closely to it’s original condition as possible. We use the softest and least abrasive methods to avoid damage, learnt through years of gravestone care and knowledge.

Moss & Fungus Removal for Greening Headstones

It’s not uncommon for monuments to take on a green hue overtime as moss, mildew and fungi take a hold. Great care should be taken when cleaning and removing this type of contamination – always contact a professional headstone cleaning service if your headstone turns green.

Does Your Monument Need Restoration?

Sometimes a monument needs more than a good clean to bring it back to its former glory. For headstones that have chips, cracks and levelling issues Buzzi Memorials offers a restoration service. As part of this service your monument is carefully inspected to determine the necessity for restoration and what needs attention.

  • Checking that the monument is level
  • Checking for chips, cracks and other damage
  • Checking if the foundation needs to be raised or re-set

Common Questions Answered

We clean all kinds of granite, marble and bronze headstones and monuments.
No appointment is necessary. Our office is open Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm. If these times are not convenient we will do our best to accommodate your schedule and set up an appointment in the evening or on a Sunday.
In many cases yes we can. We offer headstone restoration and repair services.
We travel to all immediate towns and villages around Westerly, RI including: Pawcatuck, Hopkinton, Stonington, North Stonington and Ledyard CT.
Yes you can, so long as you are very careful. It is not recommended to clean your own gravestone if it is damaged in any way. Only the gentlest methods should be used to clean your monument. A soft bristle brush or non-abbrasive cloth and water is best. Avoid using any chemicals or detergents. If you are finding it difficult to clean your headstone, exercise caution as the wrong methods can lead to damage. It’s important to be aware that different types of headstone can require a different approach to cleaning. If in doubt contact a professional.

Got a Question About Cleaning or Restoration?